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Worked Examples


A year 8 homework question


Edexcel June 13 C q6
Edexcel Nov 13 NC q21
Edexcel Nov 14 C q16
Edexcel Sample assessment material q16
Edexcel Sample assessment material q24
Edexcel Sample question on functions
Edexcel Sample question on sine rule cosine rule and area
GCSE question - circle, tangent, area
A geometry proof

A level

Edexcel S1 June 13 (R) question 5 Solution
An O level question from 1976
A challenging question?
An area problem
C3 trigonometry
A question about tangents
Volume of revolution
C4 Binomial expansion 2013 (R)
C4 Differential Equations June 2005
An A level question plus a bit about Lambert's function
C4 Parametric Equations
C4 Parametric Equations Edexcel Review 2 question 76
C4 January 2012 6c integration by substitution
C4 January 2008 8 differential equation
Induction question


2006 HSC


An old STEP question
and its solution

Calculus of Variations

Example 1
Example 2
M820 Exercise 5.23

Partial Differential Equations

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations

M821 Jordan and Smith, Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations Exercise 1.2
M821 J&S Exercise 1.5
M821 J&S Exercise 1.6
M821 J&S Exercise 1.7