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Interactive Resources

Multiplication tables
Pythagoras' Theorem
Sine, Cosine and the Unit Circle
Exterior angles
Square numbers
Solve quadratic equations by factorising
10 random factorisable quadratic equations with solutions
10 random factorisable quadratic inequalities with solutions

A puzzle
A slide rule
Van Aubel's Theorem
The midpoints of a quadrilateral are the vertices of a parallelogram
A Mandelbrot set plotter
Order from chaos

Complex Loci
Quadratic regression
Linear regression
Sample from a normal distribution
Histogram plotter
Normal distribution calculator
Inverse normal distribution calculator
Normal mean and variance
Binomial distribution calculator and hypothesis test helper
Poisson distribution calculator and hypothesis test helper
Compare approximations to the bonomial distribution
How good is your line of best fit?
Estimate the sine of an angle

How far is it from the arc to the chord?
Bearings and Distance from eastings and northings
Easting and Northing from Bearing and Distance
Laying out an arc of a circle (surveying)
Arc between two straight roads

x^y mod m
RSA cryptography
nth binary number of given weight and length
Sums of powers of divisors
Sum of divisors divided by n^2
Sum of divisors
Iterated Function Systems
Classify fixed points of linear systems

Desmos Graphs

Phase paths, saddles, centres and separatirices
C3 numerical methods
Trigonometric equations
The angle at the centre..
Join points
Tangent bisector
Tangent bisector proof
Trapezium area
How many tiles?
The unit circle
Binomial expansion
Normal Distribution
Binomial Distribution
Geometric Distribution
Poisson Distribution
Beta Distribution